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Another's Grind

from People Hear What They See by Oddisee



Y'all know my steeze y'all know my style I keep it gritty/ y'all know my means, y'all know my how, I rep my city/ no time to sleep the time is now I get it quickly/ I don't care about another mans grind, it's all about mine/

I’m a dude about his paper, always kind of been/ If I was doing anything see I was trying to win/ & if there was no competition listen, I would make myself the opposition/ Just to fence the grind within/ It’s in my nature, nurture is the way of haters/ Learn to like me, I’m connected to the kind of men/ That could make you, break you/ Ties to the underworld, lies with a cover girl/ Lies to the other girl, home sending text like, what time you in/ Reply later, the studio be my groupie ho/ In her all night, trying to get my song right/ Hoping that my verse was, tight like my first was/ First the buzz then the top, first the bus then the drop/ Happens any other way & you’ll smack the surface/ Unprepared for the wayward climb & unaware of other ways to grind/

Knowing when to hold them man/ knowing when to fold them man/ word to Kenny Rogers nigga, you should learn to dodge a nigga/ that ain't got no focus man, that there is a hopeless man/ that ain't got no rod so niggas fishing for a problem and/ that ain't my concern, took a couple times to learn/ a reputation for the faking is the only thing you'll earn/ if the promises you making you ain't keeping then in turn/ the effort ain't remembered but the failure will be burned/ in the memory of enemies disguised as your peers/ & if you ever drop the ball, that disguise disappears/ so I learned to minimize the niggas that get inside my enterprise/ I find that's the way to stay clear/ yeah, handle biz with my partners like a beretta spray/ cause everybody fucking with me is in a better place/ yeah we doing more than getting by/ fixed time to get an infinite supply/





from People Hear What They See, released June 5, 2012
produced by Oddisee
featuring Tranqill


all rights reserved



Oddisee Brooklyn, New York

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