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Asked About You

from Alwasta by Oddisee



These are Good days for bad people, sad sequel to an unrated story/ about the underrated told by the makers of evil/ & still I'm lining up to get a preview/ glory to the most wise, we came here on boat rides/ wavy/ yet ground beneath seeming bone dry/ how much for a maybe, how much for a know why/ cost an arm & leg to get ahead & you get no eyes/ shades on at night can't bring to light I see the demons/ that hang around us in evenings & party with us on weekends/ ain't numb enough so i'm keeping the sleeping pills on the table/ I count on them counter all of the fables that I believe in/ cause I just want to keep on dreaming/ but dreams are for suckers, attracted to your tears, sweat & bleeding/ grew a pair of fangs called a brain, left & right/ I'm hungry & my barks far lesser than my bite/

I’ve been thinking about you/
All the things you’ve been through/
Has anybody stopped to ask you/
Hey how you doing/

I'm far more concerned with cause/ although it's the affect that is receiving the applause/ or up roar, either way it's up hands up like a yup y'all/ but I'm just trying to get down to the bottom of a rut wall/ giving faces to hatred trying to figure the bases/ of humanities disgraces/ & if I'm not mistaken, a
Roman & a German met a Viking/ on an island that was occupied by Britons/ & they became the British after fighting and they merged into a Titan/ that became really good at killing white men/
Somebody thought it smarter to do it people that's darker/ until now we harbor what was docked at the Harbor/


from Alwasta, released March 23, 2016


all rights reserved



Oddisee Brooklyn, New York

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