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Catching Vibes

from Alwasta by Oddisee



I know the world is going crazy/ we take it all in stride/ but today I think I'll leave it all behind/ I'm trying catch a vibe/

I'm here & now so count my blessings/ more in store/ more corridors that I'll explore & all in time I'll cross their thresh &/ be better than/ ever before/ to think/ I was stressing over things that by tomorrow I'll forget &/ blink/ in a second switching direction/ I'm on a new wave/ try to focus only on progression/ it's all in days/ working, working, working on the lessons/ started feeling better about the answers I was getting in the mirror asking questions/ I am all that I invested in/ who else then/ put my first/ put me latter/ i'ma find a way regardless it's what ever/ I've come so far, I think I blossom when I'm battered/ so what you've got to say/ it don't matter/ I keep climbing/ I keep flying/ lauren Hill must be where near, I see Zion/ i see so much that could change on the horizon/ let's get vibrant one more time then/

I've got far less control over things I think do/ on the other hand, there's a lot of things I could alter & I'm ignoring them/ such a wayward move/ procrastinating cause it's hard to face a problem/ waiting/ for you to finish up having a good time/ in lieu of knowing what I've got to do/ I've got an attitude of molasses crude/ slow pace/ & I know what it takes/ not sure how much I give/
You care enough & It'll ware you down/ that's just the way it is/ try to stay in love/ but that's hard as brick/ please send me a sign/ I sure hope that I notice/ I think we spoke once before while I was at my lowest/ the world is going mad/ but that info you know it/ but it last just long enough/ for me to have my moment/ I just need some time/ to reach my full potential/ to justify this horrid life & all that I have been through/ I know I'm not the only/ the rest of y'all vent too/ but right now just reply to what I've sent you/

I think I caught that vibe/ I think I found my wave/ you that boogie on boards/ you know that I'm putting my foot in a tour every time I set foot on a stage/ I belong in categories only I have made/ people easily impressed/ lower standards got the bottom picking/ while the cream of crop ain't getting harvest listen/ better for you always more expensive/ afforded privilege to the few who get it/ welcome, welcome to the party mission/ now that I've got your attention/ few things I'd like to mention/ sum y'all won't like all my views/ and that won't make no difference/
I must be going crazy, my own thing is my favorite/ I see who gets the praise & all/ but I just think they're basic/ complex on occasion/ few & far between/ might loose me in the middle but/ the start of it was mean/ tired of all this processed/ your packaging so clean/ ingredients full of so many name/ I can even read/ Addictions on the rise/ it's in my system I can lie/ but now I'm on a diet/ one hundred percent vibes/


from Alwasta, released March 23, 2016


all rights reserved



Oddisee Brooklyn, New York

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