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I’m trying to do it all/

I’m trying to make the world know, stack g’s yet be lowkey/ Get paper with my brothers like the majors but we so free, til we sign like we don’t speak/ I’ma rhyme like, I’m trying to save the earth within the time I’m spinning on it/ The way my career is going, I might get to spending on it/ Depending on if, my minutes longer than fifteen/ I might say a verse & then end a song on a big screen/ Picture that from a small town with with big dreams/ From flying coach to buying Coach, I’m in between/ I’m not a star, somebody lied I ride the subway as a car, I’m getting by/ My life is hard, not all the time although yes I’m ready to live, ain’t trying to starve/ I’m on the grind from poverty to a bottom line & my barter time concluding only with dollar signs/

I’m trying to do it all/

XO Verse...


yU verse

Now peep the pattern as we moving-on-Up the ladder
had a dream-of how we'd beamup putting the focus on what matters most
Damn, & I hope that y'all ain't think the D-that-we-we're-on
It would've ever let up never,
full court press upon the ball.. Building bridges in this rigid bidness plus stayin on our pivot, piling
albums wit different stylings
We spit to shift the balance
The District Diamond fill up they mind wit the realest of rhyming
Visions get wide when I apply it now it's living inside 'em
Borrowed tomorrow & gave back thru my raps.. Our motto
Gotta let y'all know, so our steps led a path to follow
Yeah, son.. Breadcrumbs..
Left two steps from the edge
Not scared, feeling prepared. Thats for whenEver that bread comes
Neva loafing, with potent..
the shop's forever open
Speakers smoking wit O shit,
you crackin the windows open
& get to zoning, joning on whoeva want it,
we go in on every song we on becuz we trynna do it all


from People Hear What They See, released June 5, 2012
produced by Oddisee
featuring Diamond District


all rights reserved



Oddisee Brooklyn, New York

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