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Lifting Shadows

from Alwasta by Oddisee



Lifting Shadows

Just one dollar below ten K, that's the amount I'm flying with/ one buck more & the law comes out & they all want to know about why I'm rich/ I'm not rich I'm just on the way/ back to the land where they need this grip/ you give yours to charity fund, I give mine to a cousin that's sick/ you see a name & it falls on a list/ scared I'm involved in the causing of pain/ lost someone you loved in the towers & you're looking at me like I boarded plane/ I'm just an artist, you're not a target/ no use in arguing, we all look the same/ with that knowledge I stay my calm & when they search for bombs all they find is grain/ all in a name, I've got a name that will scare all the brave out the land of the free/ all in the name of protecting a country that's shooting its citizens dead in the street/ I used to live in North East, D.C. Not too far from Capitol Hill/ White House here, Traps House there/ they were so near you could go by feet/ never mind that cause that's not news, let's stay glued to war on peace/ who gets blamed, whoever can sway that election towards what the order seeks/ we just want to keep oil cheap, we just want to keep motives full/ & what that means, distractions came/ I think my tv's clothed in wool/

Man I swear I think my phones tapped/ man I swear they watching all my moves/ since 9/11 ain't too clear just what the target is/ I love my country hate its politics/

Can't just let me be, can't just let me live/ regardless my belief I thought the fathers wrote it clear/ but darkness all I see & darkness all I hear/ I'm trying to lift the shadow but the cloud ain't got no give/

I was on tour when the migrants came, saw their camps on the side of the road/ I met boy who arrived in the rain, he lost his folk when torched his home/ that made me want to bring my fam', before they see that side of a drone/ but who wants us, we build your world/ as labor cool as neighbors, no/ I got a cuz that will drive your taxi, I got a cuz that will make your food/ I got a cuz that will watch your kids & pick them up when they're done school/ I got a cuz that will pump your gas, I got a cuz that's good with tools/ I got a cuz that will be your doctor, after a test that I hope he'll pass/ isn't that you fear most, but fear don't trump your needs/ our pro's do trump our con's though, & cons don't trump your greed/ & monsters what you make of us & we make you succeed/ & that's what makes this country great, it's built by those who bleed/ built by those who came on boats, built by those who flee/ & you forgot your family tree & we're just all your leaves/ so if you try to chop us down, you'll only hurt knees/ & we could go in pieces but, we should come in peace/


from Alwasta, released March 23, 2016


all rights reserved



Oddisee Brooklyn, New York

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