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Like Really

from The Iceberg by Oddisee



why you want to catch my eye, when you already know that I'm taken/ how you past due on payments, and I'm seeing you on vacation/
how you gonna make us great when we were never really that amazing/ take it back what, I don't find hanging black lives entertaining/
how do you police the streets of a neighborhood you do not engage in/ why a brother get three for a sack while your brother go free for a raping/ how you make a film about Egypt with all lead roles caucasien/
how you saying all lives matter when the stats say we are not adjacent/ tell me if I got it all wrong/
like I signed on the line but I didn't read the form/
and the fine print is all about the times we mourn/
and the color of my skin means I gotta be strong/
& your hand me down faith said if I was reborn/
when I take my last breath that you'll let me breath on/ as of right now we could never pals/
and how are we supposed to get along/ this now more than ever though/
all about force and measure though/ why I'm forced to let it go/
and clean on your messes though/
you take jobs to Mexico pay us less and lesser though/
promised to bring them back, that's how the problem gets the vote/

Really (repeated)

I be on the grind all day, I don't pay mind to the date (nah like really)/
missed call vibrate, & I find most times it could wait (nah like really)/
I don't talk blue in the face, to just to make movement in place (nah like really)/
out a breath watching other man steps & you wonder why you’re losing the race (nah like really)/ I was sleeping floors/
making bread instead of beds on tour man (nah like really)/
if you ain't never cry about loss/
don't speak about the situation you’re in (nah like really)/
i ain't got a big deal but I'm still a big deal & I feel important (nah like really)/
yeah you got a big deal running a big wheel I ain't with extorting/
yeah I'm independent & I'm making hell of noise/
& I'll never let women make a Helen out of Troy/
got no suckers in the circle that pretend to be boys/
I don't lend them an extension I just sell them decoys/
chilling in the cut is when I'm really feeling voids/
cause the movements getting muted and it really needs a voice/
we're just picking between the evils of the lethal and the liars/
people tired and they really need a voice (nah like really)/
this now more than ever though/
all about force and measure though (nah like really)/
this that calm collected flow/
done right, wrong correctional (nah like really)/
enough bout peace & blessing bro I want that deeper message though (nah like really)/
If you on top that's surface, drop that lesson though, preach (nah like really)/

Really (repeated)


from The Iceberg, released February 24, 2017


all rights reserved



Oddisee Brooklyn, New York


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