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No Reservations

from Alwasta by Oddisee



If I could make time, I would make nothing else/ I feel like with enough time, anything can probably make itself/ Evolution or incentive, I'm just trying to grow to the point that my interest/ are taken care of my interest/ take in to account I prepared my account to take care of me in the distance/ that means long money, Know a lot of homies who ain't got plans/ know a lot of ladies who ain't got no mans/ & they settle for each other like they got no chance/ I ain't saying that you need a dude, nah no ma'am/ I use ma'am I understand that you is not no grand/ excuse me if I'm being rude I know I sound so crass/ but political correctness ain't my program/ I'm P.G. I was raised round a high low class/ young, Feeling like a dinosaur/ I'm coming from an era where we knew each other's business but like diamonds & the oil we just minded more/ they say real becoming harder to find/ that's good news that mean a lot of you is probably dying/ or moving out the city cause of all the property buying/ let alone cover rent on the crib each month/ so you move to LA where you can still cheap stunt/ can I get a witness, black entrepreneur here can I get some business/ taking out a lone not asking for-givness/ just take away the stone hard place wasn't lifting/ cause it landed on me, I ain't land on it/ grand Ma never cussed like dag' on it/ frustrated free, I'm picking locks/ cause time still sitting in a box/

I ain't got no plans, trying to keep it that way/ I'm just trying to do what I want to do every hour, minute, second of the day/ I never make reservation, I don't keep none neither/ what I bring to the table is the truth/ so I know I'm always right this way/

I've been up late, thinking I should move upstate/ get a farm in the middle of a town called no where sounding like enough space/ but I like culture so near it grabs me/ & agriculture i'd do it gladly/ I think the answer is a loft in the middle of the city & the roofs where the plants be/ let's grow, hustle real hard knowing nothing comes easy/ party on the boulevard well let's go/ i'ma take a rain check knowing any minute that the warm fronts ending & we all get snow/ I ain't make the laws but I am trying to break them/ & not get caught by the criminals that make them/ it's funny that a boss gets a pardon & Sargent gets absolved when the evidence blatant/ a'salaam alaikum I'm just trying to get peace with patience of a saint in the belly of the beast/ the lowest in the rank think the hardest in the tank/ but we seldom get the credit so we never get the lease/ sleeping in the streets be the same ones paving/ we walking on slaughter & the water ain't free/ floating on the attitude of y'all ain't me/ & I had it just as bad as you & look now I made it/ well that's great then, though/ your triumphs ain't erasing what I'm facing, so/ get up out my face with conversations bout how you can relate then no/ I'm the trenches, I'm riding on the train/ local shop owners here, I probably know their names/ surviving on the streets doing something like me/ what you doing, man, nothing this week/

I don't make easy to follow/ cause when I'm easy the others come round & the come see me to borrow/ they don't give props up, they pots whole/ so around them how I go/ had to happen a few times for me to view sign/ now quickly I know/ now quickly I know/ yeah this king odd/ rider of the rhythm & pristine bars/ keep it hard for me to ever see a loss/ I'm only getting better as the rest peel off/ this solid, not plated/ barter in the market that you'll never get away with/ your loss/ I'm the favorite of your favorite/ ask him, & wait for the reaction/ he'll cough/


from Alwasta, released March 23, 2016


all rights reserved



Oddisee Brooklyn, New York

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