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Rain Dance

from The Iceberg by Oddisee



Verse One
I remembered when I discovered purpose/
I was good at something Finally worth it/
Told my father that i'ma be an artist/
Foreign parents don't understand all our newer options/
They flee their countries, protect their families, perusing progress/ They think in needs, & we think of wants, are views are parted/
I want to be like doctor Dre, they want degrees from Harvard/ An engineer that slide the fader not designing rockets/
I'm in the lab without a beaker but the speakers knocking/ Making art in broken English they mistake as nonsense/
The only language understood income/
So I got good at business plans as well as making rhythm/ It took this art so serious/
It made any girl I dated so furious/
& put tears in they eyes, I wouldn't dry/
So they turned into rain/
So many lessons I was learning through pain/ (Rain Dance)
Verse Two
When I was younger I was all about the ladies/
Quick to do them wrong, even quicker to call them crazy/ Cause I ain't see the harm in leading on somebody daughter/ Who wanted my commitment but instead they got a maybe/ Four or five I juggled them like I'm Barnum & Bailey/
Until my arms got tired of hugging women I'm breaking/
The less that I was working/
The more that I was flirting/
Can't be somebodies half if you ain't a completed person/ Started developing myself first/
Ain't easy to take for granted when it's self worth/
Kept promises, made money, stayed honest/
In his thick accent my father said I made progress/
Became the man that I was meant to be/
Right on time I met a women that was meant for me/
You know the feeling of Keeping your phone face up/
No interference so nothing's causing a break up/ Drama free/
Verse Three
No a days I'm just trying to get paid/
Stay away from trouble & avoid an early grave/
Read a little more, speak a little less/
My competition listens & they quick to imitate/
Invited to the studio by so & so/
& everybody think that I'm the one that stole the flow/ Where here a quotable/
I ain't jealous or offended/
I'm glad to see reactions of a style that I invented/
To me be remembered means your time is finished/ And I'd rather be the reminder with a minor presence/ Not quick rise & long fall/
For long haul I'm in it so just sit tight/
Things don't grow if the ground stay dry/
I see the good things in the clouds blown by/
So when the rain comes I Presume my stance/
& if I move, it’s to do my dance/
Oliver St. Louis
I can make it rain no matter what the time/ But I'd do it less for some peace of mind/ Reach out and you will understand/
What God put in these hands/
All we be revealed in due time/


from The Iceberg, released February 24, 2017


all rights reserved



Oddisee Brooklyn, New York

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