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Ready To Rock

from People Hear What They See by Oddisee



They say you’ve got your whole life to make your first album/ Guess I’ve been busy living so that first outcome/ Was worth hearing so, here it goes/ Let me kick a verse & just zone out-from/ The time I was concieved, I honestly believed, I was destined for something I couldn’t break from/ It’d be cliche to say greatness, but hey this/ Is what I’ve learned, what you are your can’t escape from/ So embrace it, don’t run away from/ Being that digit in that everyday equation/ That’s steady glitching, itching for limits to break/ See nothing can get in your way if what you deliver is great/ & there we are back to greatness/ I think I’ve discovered what my place is, in theory it’s basic/ It’s me doing me, over time, utter rhymes/ Is a butterfly effect that affects mankind/

Y’all ready to rock/
Yup, we ready to roll/

Took a little of time, had to get the rhymes right, had to get the lines right/ Looking at my future like it’s all up in my hindsight, I believed that, boy it would have been a climb/ Sat up on my bed thinking I was on the sideline, eyes wide shut thinking about that bread/ If I believed that boy it would have been a crime, so I took it to the sleep & I dreamed instead/ Took it as a sign then I took to the streets/ Took it from the books then I took it to the beats/ Looking at my grind like a stretch doing time/ from the day that I signed to the date of my release/ Yeah, I’m doing fine, doing fine to say the least/ I ain’t trying to line with the rest, trying to shine with the best, til the lime just focus on me/ As it should, if I can than it could, be the case/ So I ran, over tracks, life I could, beat the race/ Overlapping who was laughing at the start, they depart/ Call it perm, I know it burns that I’m relaxing in your face/ Listen, I am on my job I set the standards & the rates/ Live & learn how discern the need for chill & making haste/ Now it’s time for everybody in the crowd to up the pace/ Cause, I’m ready to rock, apologize for the wait/

Y’all ready to rock/
Yup, we ready to roll/


from People Hear What They See, released June 5, 2012
produced by Oddisee
vocals by Oddisee


all rights reserved



Oddisee Brooklyn, New York

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