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Slow Groove

from Alwasta by Oddisee



Been on the road for quite some time now/ in route to work is the only time that I wind down/ I feel like caesar on a quest to make Rome bigger/ I played in trees as a child & could never climb down/ becoming introspective, I need to be more selective/ I'm way too nice got me feeling bad to ignore a message/ I traded secrets with homies I really thought could keep it/ minute I leave and they steal my dreams & they try to sell it/ I can't tell if it's, my fault or theirs/ for people being themselves I need to be more prepared/ I guess it's time to tighten up the circle/ put some notches in the belt for all the weight I've had to shed/ more locks up on the door, a couple camera's in the front/ yeah I know who you are but what you want/

I've been contemplating drinking & the use of drugs/ my favorite artists do it, they all influence us/ I ain't talking Future but rather older names/ I'm talking Hendrix, talking Davis taking Marvin Gaye/ they were kings but to the coping they became a slave/ know that I got in me don't pass me a shot of whiskey/ anything I do, I do it the most/ it just so happens in rewarded for being extreme/ applauded workaholic falling asleep in the office/ & I'll never get fired/ the irony, I'm a boss cause I couldn't get hired/ ain't got and off switch therefor my bills higher/ somebody get coffee, black, single origin like our ancestors/ oh you forgot cause you tan lesser/ this is me in a jam session cram a lesson in/ like we partying, study in the end/ 100 percent/

I'm really good at my job, that's because I understood it's job/ I'm not interested in coming to your studio or chilling after shows/ I've got to do this all over tomorrow/ i'd rather chill in my home, go out to eat just me & Ziz in the park/ seldom see me in the streets after dark/ except for my name on the marquee/ traded street lights for stage lights/ I'm trying to make a living from art/ have a life full love, memories you can not like or remark/ I'm only posting what I'm seeing in parts/ I mean what's more tragic, living in a hyper reality/ or the the systematic murder of magic/ I'm chasing the wild things & they're becoming harder to find/ In time I'm sure they'll only live my mind/ but for now I'm on the prowl for the how's/ leave it to chance to bruh/ sometimes I'd rather not know the answer/ but that's just me/

Slow groove, I just want to take my time/ I don't mind to wait in line/ I ain't going nowhere, soon/ I just want to take my time, I don't mind to wait in line/ we ain't going nowhere.


from Alwasta, released March 23, 2016


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Oddisee Brooklyn, New York

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