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Strength & Weakness

from Alwasta by Oddisee



I think I found my weakness, I think I found my strength/ in all I love & hate/ they're one in the same/ but how am I gone use it/ & try not to abuse it/

I fell asleep with open eyes again/ Seeing me how others see me on my mind again/ I hope I don't find offense/ with people's versions of what I present/
Not worried but kind of am/ i'm slowly learning most people get me but there's side affects/ small percentage of those repelled by all that I project/ but that's just life I guess/ can't win them all but I just like to bet, I'm rolling dice again/ I roll to functions full of punks & wimps that ain't feeling me/ they clutch their fist reluctantly humbly asked to build with me/ discussion over lunches on how their wants can appeal to me/ tipping under twenty your money don't fit the bill to me/ I watch how people move yeah their words are strong but then physically/ their visions weak, the smaller print of their truth disappears to me/ but that ain't how I move, I just show & prove/ my motions filled with power & that's power I won't lose/

What you do if you knew you could get away with anything you wanted to/ as long as people wanted something from you/ would you make them wait knowing you could make all their dreams true in a day/ or hesitate let them salivate until they give up and they subdue/ just to demonstrate how long takes until a person breaks/ power tripping easy now a days/ now a days all the culture vulture look to bottom feeders for their power plays/ bucket crowed & the crabs fighting/ puppets pic the people on their last leg/ desperate dreamers turn to thirsty fiend hurting me when I see the proud beg/ & I'm loudest within that quit moment/ see to clear to be clouded by those who got it golden/ grass that green could brown at any sporadic moment/ so I stay open, reply to calls fly or fall/


from Alwasta, released March 23, 2016


all rights reserved



Oddisee Brooklyn, New York

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