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Before I knew what I was doing, I was trying to do something/ That’s the definition, listen of a know it all youngin’/ Hard headed, hardly headed in directions I intended, where I ended was deaded, like no exit except the entrance/ so now I’m making my entrance as If I’m hopping the fences/ Thinking I’m big pimpin when really I’m just an infant/ Adolescent at best, had a lesson in living/ Given to me the stress, inherited with the vision/ Wool over my eyes, blue say is the sky/ Grey is the true color but who say-ith the why/ So does that make me pessimistic, if I feel I’m alright but that best at this sh*t/ N***** say I’m cool, shorties say I’m their lipstick/ On the tip of their tongues is my lyrics their whispering/ Lets make it apply, right place & the time/ Tight space & the vibe is right for lacing a rhyme/ Might, say I’m the prime, light laced in the lime/ Bittersweet is the beat & together taste is divine/ Lemonade in the shine, dimmer shade in the blind/ Spots in my mirror, forward never rewind/ Plots vividly clearer, not saying that I’m/ Knowing just what I’m doing but got faith in my grind/ So stop haters you’re lying, if you say that you get it how I get it/ Swab test your failed, can’t spit it how I spit it/

One of these days, baby I hope to be/
What ever that means, it’s all that I hope to be//
One of the days, baby I hope to be/

They saying O, bring that real s***, something you could feel s***/ numb to that dumb it down, spun overkill s***/ Run, overhill s***, dated like the fifth wheel/ Hate it when they made it but they praise it just to get deals/ Me, never that man, that’s never happening/ See I be rappin’ for the feeling I got back when/ I was riding on a big wheel, when friends owing me a dollar was a big deal/ Sunday night, grandmama’ cook a big meal, meaning that I do it for the innocents in it still/ & if I’m naive f*** it man, shit will/ Seem better even though the weather seems chill/ Spleen chills at the idea of seeming fake, even though imitation makes mean bills/ I mean, innovation will get you recognition but keep it real is really code for the check is missing/ & that’s cool, cause me, I’m a realist/ optimistically drinking from the glass of the pessimistic/ Baby check it listen/

One of these days, baby I hope to be/
What ever that means, it’s all that I hope to be//
One of the days, baby I hope to be/


from People Hear What They See, released June 5, 2012
produced by Oddisee
featuring Olivier DaySoul


all rights reserved



Oddisee Brooklyn, New York


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