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Think Of Things

from People Hear What They See by Oddisee



I'm feeling so good right now/ as if everything I'm saying's understood right now/ usually I'm all biz, preoccupied with should/but now a brother playing with could right now/ see I could just dial up this smile/ I ain't seen in a while f*ck or just have a night on town/ shucks, I love options, good life now/

(Ayo, what more can I say)
Well I can think of a few things

I'm trying to keep my levels of stress down/ not get all worked up when I get let down/ just keep the work up prepare for the next round/ work out & it'll work out, flex now/ I'm trying to have the answers in advance to the next how/ so doing won't be much of a test now/ you want a better future got to give it your best now/

(aye young, what more can I say)
Well I could think of a few things

Politics I might get involved in/ but knowing me i'll probably get endorsed by the wrong/ shady individuals who make the law bend/ & when I got a problem always tell me to call them/ I might learn to trade & then invest in the market/ I know a guy that knows a good, that works in the mosh pit/ my inside trader with stock tips/

(ayo, what more can I say)
Well I can think of a few things

I'm all about preserving my time/ not everybody sending messages deserves a reply/ this is generation now & the urgencies high/ if you subscribe then your nerves will be fried/ so I've learned to be quite cause loud don't always mean live/
I'm on the rise cause I deserve to be fly/

(what more can I say)
Well I can think of a few things/

Peace out to PG county/ Moco, Va & all the surrounding/ areas of DC I rep that proudly/ bump this through your speakers like your reafa, loudly/ I'm a Largo n**ga Toine what's up mo/Marlboro all stars out for that gusto/ & until the day I die man the budget is low

(what more can I say)
I can think of a few things/


from People Hear What They See, released June 5, 2012


all rights reserved



Oddisee Brooklyn, New York

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