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Waiting Outside

from The Iceberg by Oddisee



Verse One
Been a hot minute we ain't speak/
Been a little while we ain't fought
Guess you doing better than the last time we met up/ When you ran away from feelings getting caught/ Why you always got to get a grip/
When you ever gonna let it slip/
Bottle up your pride never drinking what's inside/
But you ever gonna sip a thought/
Why you always gotta make a split/
What you say & how you feel don't ever fit/
Ain't nobody watching/
You can lay away the caution/
This the perfect opportunity to vent/
Say it while we're sitting in the dark/
You don't need nobody else talk/
Talk to myself and my brain spoke back/
When you finish trying to block/
I’ll be waiting on you/ On the outside/
After last call/ (Repeated)
Chat with I, myself & me/
I never stop to asked what helping needs/
It works for me & I don't work at it/
Some type of service to curve a habit/
Don't believe in magic shirts & sleeves/
Rabbits & such as luck would have it/
I am one of many to converse the tragic/
& pride myself with the worst of me/
That's a vital part in the art of blackness/
We don't get depressed we compress the sadness/ Feeling anyway about a day's a privilege/
Conversing with the Doc to get expensive answers/ Never visible but I could fill a room/
With people of the sun who run away from feeling gloom/ Anger is an illness that I'm tired of containing/
That's why my mind's saying/
I’ll be waiting on you/ On the outside/
After last call/ (Repeated)


from The Iceberg, released February 24, 2017


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Oddisee Brooklyn, New York

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